July 25, 2024

Last time we posted was more than 6 months ago. We are sorry for the extended downtime! We plan on going pretty hard this year with everything. We are starting off by upgrading the website. We will be out filming and producing video again very shortly followed by new designs for the Philly StreetRace Team merch lineup! The Scary Mary project is in very good hands, we have a few motors that need work and 3 more 20+ year old cars we hope to get up and running this year!

Our reasons for the extended downtime…..
Since the covid 19 pandemic most of the center city restaurants have built structures commonly called “streateries” for customers to dine outside all year around. Most of these buildings are heated by propane in the winter and that’s what I do 9-5. I sell propane and propane accessories. I also sell welding gasses, supplies, nitrous oxide and various other gas related products.
This has caused me to dramatically overwork my mind and body throughout the colder months and i don’t have the time or energy to participate in Mexidelphian activities as much as I would like and if you know the streets they’ve been pretty dry the past few months anyway. So the trips I have taken have been a waste.
Thankfully the weather is warming up and so are the streets. Not to mention my 9-5 will not take up so much of my time and energy so we will finally be able to spend more time doing what we love!

Thank you for continuing to follow us on our journey!

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