Demonetization equals Demotivation!!

By | December 18, 2017

Ok so if you’ve been under a rock you might not know that in the past year youtube has had some advertiser problems due to some antisemitic propaganda. In a nutshell there were some racist/hate channels that were able to profit off of youtubes good name. Which in the world of the content creator is the only name. So this caused youtube to make some changes which caused everybody to suffer. Regardless if your channel had any racist or hate based content on it. Now Youtube has an algorithm that watches your videos, scans your keywords and descriptions and then deems it good or bad for advertisers and if you feel this is wrong… which in our case it has been 99% of the time.. You have to request a manual review, but only when your video reaches 1000 views. This is causing more problems than the entire shit storm that was the original “adpocolypse”. It’s especially hurting our channel and the motivation behind it. The youtube channel actually just started paying for the gas and tolls to travel around filming the videos that my viewers love… Which just so happens to be one of my favorite hobbies, Obviously right?

I’ve been racing and filming racing since before i was old enough to legally drive. And now that i have been able to put my hobby to good use. I’ve been more excited and motivated to get race ready and back on the road. Now that this whole algorithm is getting in the way I have to admit i’m loosing motivation. Lets be real this wasn’t done for the money. If it was it would not have lasted this long. This is not the end for obvious reasons. I just feel that this is a little hiccup on the road to victory. Hopefully Youtube recognizes smaller channels like ours need the first 1000 views to boost our revenue as we might not notice that it’s demonetized immediately and have to request a manual review for every video. Keep in mind that we aren’t a large channel yet and some of our videos don’t even have 1000 views to begin with. Again i don’t do this for money but money helps pay the bills and if i can’t make the extra money to pay for the hobby I film for you all, then i have to put in more hours at my real job which tires me out and leaves less time for the channel, website and other social media outlets.

Just wishing youtube would get their shit together for xmas!!!

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