May 24, 2024

Finally I’ve been told to do this for quite some time to make my life easier. And i finally went out and did it. I got a laptop to do some on the go editing with. Thankfully Black friday deals are in full effect as I sit here and type this. Because I was able to grab a HP Omen with a Intel I7 Processor for a very very good price. Hopefully this will lead to more time spent editing this page and editing videos. I’m currently typing as we drive up I-95 heading to do a few things before tonights racing activities. Not 100% sure that i will have a video up this week. I’m worried for the future of the channel as youtubes new demonetization algorithm keeps killing the already small amount of money I do make from them. They fix the problem usually within a week or so. But that precious time waiting for them to fix the problem is the same time the videos will get most of the views they will see for awhile. I will however be editing some videos and will have them ready to go up here and there until youtube fixes this problem and i can start uploading regularly again.

Thank you for all the support and your patience during this current set back we are having.

-T Mack

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