May 24, 2024

Ok so first off i want to say thank you to all of the loyal fans of the YouTube Channel, facebook, instagram and website. I appreciate you all very much, which is why i feel i owe you an explanation as to why I’ve been slacking on the content. It’s not for lack of filming as i’ve been out every weekend and to every meet i can manage over the past few weeks. Not much has gone down but i’ve got footage of most of what did and will continue to get as much as i can.

Years ago i was promised several acres of property from a nameless family member. Long story short they’re loosing the property because they lost their health and were unable to maintain the payments on said property. Meanwhile i live in a house on the property trying to recover financially after a broken knee and surgery last year. Keep in mind i only just started back to work. So i recently found out that i have about 45 days to get the money for and find a place to move in to. Now to top it off a tree has fallen on the property and knocked the transformer and lines off the poles causing and estimated 15k in damage that is up to the property owner to fix as it happened on private land and not state owned land. Fuck me right? So needless to say no one is paying that money to fix the electricity at a place we won’t have anything to do with in just over a month. So what i am currently doing is running a extension cord out to my car and using a power inverter to operate my computer. So that i can explain to my fans what is going on.

Hopefully i’ll have a new place in a month and things will get back to normal with the videos. In the meantime I will try to do as much as i can using this current set up but i don’t want to strain my car too much she’s been very good to me and i don’t wanna ruin her streak using her as a generator.

Hope you all understand,

-T Mack

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