May 24, 2024

First i would like to apologize for the delay in posting this video to the website and also would like to apologize for not posting much content on here at all in the past few weeks. I’ve been dealing with allot lately and since people seem to want to know more about me i will dedicate a post specifically to that later on. Again i’d like to say i’m sorry i will try my best to overcome the bullshit i’m dealing with and spend as much time as I can putting together content for you guys and gals.

So i had the opportunity to take the trip to Atco Dragway on the 2nd of April to experience the Import Faceoff I heard so much about for myself and let me tell you I had a blast. Got to hang out with MC Slick who is always fun and you’re sure to have a great time when he’s around. Also got to see the Queen of Diamonds 2 Jet car take a 200+ 1/8th mile test pass. And there was plenty of import racing hope you enjoy the video of the racing i saw that day.

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