May 24, 2024

So this week you haven’t been able to touch your social media without seeing or hearing about the Dodge Demon. Thankfully I have mostly car friends and this by far Trumped (pun intended) all of the political posts from a few months ago. Now without further delay here are some of reasons why we do and don’t want our very own Dodge Demon.

First off the car is a monster, breaking record after record for a stock v8 production vehicle. It’s the fastest 1/4 mile, 0-60, highest G force launch, horsepower and first ever production car to pop a wheelie. Those things alone make the Demon irresistible. Lets not forget Hennessey Performance hasn’t yet gotten their dirty hands on it. In a article i read this morning Hennessey performance claims they will make a package to bring that measly 840hp to a whopping 1500hp. And we don’t doubt for one second they will as they already make packages for the giant Cadillac Escalade that will peal your hairline back a few inches. Not to mention this thing comes with the mechanics of the Viper ACR Aero and should handle extremely well while you’re not going in a straight line and to top it off you can get this thing without any passenger seats giving you a better excuse to leave the wife at home.

With all that aside you’re essentially paying 90k for a car that as it sits you will only be able to street race with. Not that i’m against taking a trip to mexico, everyone wants to know what their car can do and without installing a roll cage you’ll likely never be able to find out for real. Most tracks will not allow you to run without a roll cage if you break into the 9’s and as the Demon is very easy to spot among all of the mopars at the track you’re not going to be able to fool anyone and sneak this thing through. So roll cage it is. But Dodge could have done that from the factory and built it into the interior, however that would just make sense and well i wouldn’t expect too much of that from a company that builds a street legal 9 second car and then gives it to the public knowing most of them can’t handle their 18 second Honda. With all of the wide body and hood scoops aside this thing is just your average looking challenger which makes me question what’s next? What dramatic face-lift are you planning to sucker in the next 3300 demon owners?

Let us not go back and forth about what used piece of shit we can drop 15k into and run 9 seconds with, because you just make yourself sound stupid. You can’t argue that this is unprecedented in the automotive industry and deserves the media hype it is receiving. All in all i think I’d pass if given the opportunity to purchase one.

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