June 13, 2024

Turkey Shootout Round 1

S10 v FoxBody, Regal v Coyote, Coyote v Grand-Am, Baracuda v Mustang GT,
Ranger v Malibu, Chevelle v Grand-National, Talon v Civic, Camaro v C7 Vette
& 302 FoxBody Mustang Takes the By Pass for this round.

I apologize for any focusing issues and the one or two missed races. I was having trouble with the new camera. But if you notice it has the potential to be amazing once i get the hang of it!

Thank you all for watching i will have round two up as soon as i get enough free time to do so. Remember to smash that thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already!!

Thank you for all of the support it means everything to me!

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