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First Street Racing Weekend August 2k16

August is here with the hot weather and the cooler nights, bringing out what usually turns out to be the majority of the street racers. This first weekend started off great. The lower end imports were getting their runs in as the Muscle and the GT-R’s were showing up. Friday night was great. Missed some great footage due… Read More »

Black GT-R vs Powder Blue GT-R

Black Godzilla GT-R lines up against the Power Blue GT-R and simply demolishes him, stripping him of his super car status and lowering him to a status where only stock civics run. Don’t be upset with any smart ass comments i may make on here as i’m only trying to have a a little fun and add some… Read More »

Sentra vs Civic

White Nissan Sentra Lining up against Black Vtec 4 door Civic. Sentra does what it seems to do most and takes the win.