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Police Invade Real Philly Street Racing

While out and about doing what we do. We ran into a shit ton of cops. This obviously was not an ideal situation for us, and we thought they were for sure coming for us. Turns out they were chasing a dirt bike.

Philly VS MD Grudge Panda vs Black Magic

after hours of talking and arguing we got a few runs in with the Maryland boys and had a good time doing it. First up BMW vs Nitrous charger Gto vs ZL1 All Motor Cobra vs Worked Evo Main Event Impala SS vs Roush S550

Memorial Day Weekend Street Racing

Tearing up the streets over the Memorial day weekend Holiday! Doin it for Dale and letting the bald eagles fly for all those that have served at any time in our Military!!

Fire Breathing Toyota Supra vs Two BMWs

Fire Breathing Toyota Supra wild on the streets of mexico tearing it up with not one but two nasty bmws

Crashed the Drone into my Lake

So i was playing around with the drone on the lake… When i get a high wind warning, at that time i decided to bring the drone back to me and when i put it in reverse to bring it back it decided to fly back much faster than i expected. By the time i realized how fast… Read More »

Driving Borrowed or Stolen forklift

Had to borrow a buddies forklift while they were on vacation. They won’t mind!!