East Coast Mini Summer Cash Days 2k18

East Coast Mini Cash Days 2018 hosted by #ilwalku #DARC
There was some footage missed as we showed up a few minutes late. For the full video make sure to check out Hopkins Performance’s video https://youtu.be/rGUWGvtbTDA

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Happy New Year

First and Foremost we would like to wish you a happy new year!! We have a few treats for you! We have three videos that will be linked below. We also have plans on updating and keeping up with this website more often this year! We would like to thank those of you who regularly visit to check for updates and welcome all of you new visitors.

Thank you so much for the support lets make this year trash the last one!!

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Massive 32 Car Shootout for Title of The King Of The BlackTop 2k18

6UndrPressr hosted the ultimate shootout in the streets of New Juarez Mexico. This massive event took place across a span of 5 weekends and due to rescheduling and other events some cars could not make it. Too little and it’s no fun Too much and the federalizes come hunting.
Would like to thank everyone who participated! Would especially like to thank 6UndrPressr for inviting us out to film this. We had a blast!

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LMP Summer Cash days

Never a disappointment going to the Late Model Performance cash days events. I have a great time every time i’m there and there are always new cars that i don’t get to see otherwise.
Special thanks as always go to All of the Late Model Performance crew, You guys are awesome. Keep up the great events!

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A Bus Between Them – Philly Street Racing 2018

You all saw, liked and shared the photo. Now like and share the video!!

In this video… We got a El Chapo, Smurf, Ron Burgandy, The Pope and more…

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Dodge Demons wreak havoc at Cecil

Dodge Demons would probably be the most popular stand out cars from the Youtube call out at cecil country dragway. And boy did they show up. @SrtMush broke the world record with a 9.34 1/4 mile run, making his demon officially the world fastest Demon!!

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Grudge Racing at the Late Model Performance Spring Cash Days Event

Special thanks to Lethal Shutter for introducing me to the Late Model Performance crew. And obviously Everyone from LMP was awesome as always.

This is the remaining footage of the grudge racing. Hope you all enjoy the video!

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Full Youtube Callout Video 2018

StreetSpeed717, GuitarmageddonZL1 and the 717 crew put on another call out and it was just as good as the last one! Had a great time hanging out with my buddies from Race Proven Motorsports.

Thanks again to Nick, Mike, Jack and the entire 717 crew for putting on this event.

Check out these channels for amazing content!!
RPM – https://youtube.com/RaceProvenMotorsports
BigKleib34 – https://youtube.com/BigKleib34
GuitarmageddonZL1 – https://www.youtube.com/gtrdude
StreetSpeed717 – https://youtube.com/StreetSpeed717
MrRockOffJohnson – https://www.youtube.com/mrrockoffjohnson1
Dirtymax Jack – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkCE4TCErywDySDpwqlYnQ

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First 10 mins of The first 2018 Youtube Callout video

This is the early footage from the Youtube call out yesterday at Cecil County Dragway. I should have the rest of the video together at some point tonight and ready for upload overnight.

Warning. From time to time the camera gets shaky. That is because of the wind catching the viewfinder causing my hands to move. The wind dies down over the course of the day. But if you think its annoying for you. Imagine how bad it was for me.

Hope you enjoy the video

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Testing and Grudge racing pt 1 – Late Model Performance Spring Bash 2k18

**This event is perfectly legal and to the best of my knowledge none of the vehicles here have been street racing ever!!**

While at the Late Model Performance Cash days spring shootout. I also captured quite a bit of footage of the testing and grudge racing throughout the day.
Hope you enjoy the footage because i have plenty more where this came from.

Thank you as always!

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