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NY Street Racing – Eighth Mile Epidemic

We got an invite to a Shootout up north and decided since we didn’t have anything else going on… That we would take the trip! Doesn’t hurt that we got to see our buddies from @DNR Auto , @Tucci Racing , Rowdy Racing, Rankins Relic & especially our buddy Chris from Poor & Infamous apparel!!! Some bad mfing… Read More »

Street Racing – Social Distancing Tournament

Trying to keep your distance from spectators is becoming near impossible during this crisis. However we did handle the finish line and tossed the drone in the air for this shootout!!

Street Racing – Social Distancing violations – State troopers

Went street racing and of course had a visit from our friendly neighborhood state policeman! He was very concerned with the distance we were keeping between each other. While some of us kept away from each other. There was people who completely disregarded the non essential personnelle stay at home order and the mandatory 6ft rule. Wish these… Read More »

High speed driving Puts everyone in Danger

We stumbled across this one night on my way to my shop to take care of a essential customer. We hope everyone is alright! We will update with any news as soon as we have some!!! Dashcam video courtesy of: Justin Logan Subscribe to his channel here:

$3k Grudge Race

$1500 per side grudge race Philly vs Lancaster

Delaware Corona Virus Shootout

Went to delaware to film a shootout during the peak of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

What Stay at home order? Curfew Shootout NJ / Philly

After about a week of every ones children being home from school because of the virus. Street racers where fed up and going crazy from dealing with non essential bullsh*t. So we all decided fake an “essential duty” to the family and we went out and had a good time!!

First Philly Shootout During the Corona Virus Pandemic

This was filmed before stay at home orders were in effect!