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$3k Grudge Race

$1500 per side grudge race Philly vs Lancaster

Delaware Corona Virus Shootout

Went to delaware to film a shootout during the peak of the CoronaVirus pandemic.

What Stay at home order? Curfew Shootout NJ / Philly

After about a week of every ones children being home from school because of the virus. Street racers where fed up and going crazy from dealing with non essential bullsh*t. So we all decided fake an “essential duty” to the family and we went out and had a good time!!

First Philly Shootout During the Corona Virus Pandemic

This was filmed before stay at home orders were in effect!

First Weekend of 2k20 – Street Racing

Out having fun on the streets of #Mexidelphia on the first weekend of 2020.

Street Racing – New Years Day 2020

Traditional street racing on New Years day except this year the cops were not having it!!

New Years / Christmas Weekend Shootout!

We had the opportunity to hang out for a tiny bit with our friends over at The StreetRacingChannel! Go check them out , You will not be dissapointed! So we got to hang out with our friends and get a lil shootout off in the woods across the river from #Mexidelphia!!