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February Street Racing 2k17 Last two weeks

This is what’s been going down on the streets during the last two weeks of February 2017 Hope everyone enjoys the video!!

Driving Borrowed or Stolen forklift

Had to borrow a buddies forklift while they were on vacation. They won’t mind!!

UberSpeed 300c vs The World

UberSpeed 300c taking on quite a few cars in this video! Hope you all enjoy!

UberSpeed vs State Police

So while heading home after a fun night with the guys…. This happens..

Challenger Policed after Fishtailing for StreetRacersMatter Protest

Challenger doing donuts at a local car meet! When all of a sudden, well not so all of a sudden there was a clearly marked officer at the light on the corner. But none the less doing donuts only to realize that those aren’t the kind police enjoy. Hope you like the video as this guy got lucky… Read More »

Cars and Coffee 9-18-16 2017 NSX, Aventador, Viper, McLaren and much more

Took another trip to Cars and Coffee at the Steel Stacks, and it was well worth it as i got my first in person look and listen of a 2017 Acura NSX. I was also pleased to see a Metallic foil Blue Aventador, lime green Hurican just to name a few cars. I caught the NSX doing figure… Read More »

Philly StreetRace Team Trailer

Thank you everyone for all of the likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, everything. This weekend we hit two goals that we didn’t expect to hit for another month or so. This week on youtube we hit 400 subscribers and on Facebook we hit 2500+ likes to the page. Thank you everyone for all of the support. To show my… Read More »

Kids run from cops on ATV’s

Group of kids going out for a ride in New Jersey. Two know the way one is from the city. The one in the front knows his way the best and the one in the rear also knows where they are going. If the guy in the middle can’t keep up with the front its the rears job… Read More »

First Street Racing Weekend August 2k16

August is here with the hot weather and the cooler nights, bringing out what usually turns out to be the majority of the street racers. This first weekend started off great. The lower end imports were getting their runs in as the Muscle and the GT-R’s were showing up. Friday night was great. Missed some great footage due… Read More »