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Philadelphia Parking Authority Destroying Tranny

PPA always fucking something up… SMH

Crashed the Drone into my Lake

So i was playing around with the drone on the lake… When i get a high wind warning, at that time i decided to bring the drone back to me and when i put it in reverse to bring it back it decided to fly back much faster than i expected. By the time i realized how fast… Read More »

Driving Borrowed or Stolen forklift

Had to borrow a buddies forklift while they were on vacation. They won’t mind!!

750+ HP Hellcat Raw Highway Destruction Footage

Hellcat Roll racing a EVO twice and tearing up the highway with EVO, 300c SRT8, Genesis, GSX-R and a Passat. Great driving from all of the guys.

Kids run from cops on ATV’s

Group of kids going out for a ride in New Jersey. Two know the way one is from the city. The one in the front knows his way the best and the one in the rear also knows where they are going. If the guy in the middle can’t keep up with the front its the rears job… Read More »