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Challenger Policed after Fishtailing for StreetRacersMatter Protest

Challenger doing donuts at a local car meet! When all of a sudden, well not so all of a sudden there was a clearly marked officer at the light on the corner. But none the less doing donuts only to realize that those aren’t the kind police enjoy. Hope you like the video as this guy got lucky… Read More »

When GT-R’s and STI’s gets smoked by a Soccer mom

Simple video editing shows how fast a slow car can look.

Terrified on EL Toro

So I took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday and we had a great time. However no one has the balls to ride the Best Roller Coasters with me. Kingda Ka, EL Toro, and Nitro. I did get my best friends brother to hop on Nitro and El Toro with me, kingda Ka was a 2… Read More »

Scooter Drag Race (Slowest Race Ever)

Honda vs Mazda Fail

Horrible when this happens… Even worse when it happens on the line.

Rainbow Car mod

3 men one scooter