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UberSpeed 300c vs BMW M3

Didn’t know UBER hired racers!!! Next time i need a lift i know who to call!

DSMs doing work

Two DSMs putting in work.. To be fair. They’re damn near the same car…

Skat Pack Disrespecting I95

White Skat Pack Challenger doing the nasty and straight up disrespecting i95! Enjoy! Cameo from an insane man driving a VW Passat as well.

300c vs Golf-R Rematch

300c 392 srt8 vs Golf-R apr stage 3 rematch. The first time the Golf-R dominated! This time they’ve both done more to the cars!

Cars and Coffee 9-18-16 2017 NSX, Aventador, Viper, McLaren and much more

Took another trip to Cars and Coffee at the Steel Stacks, and it was well worth it as i got my first in person look and listen of a 2017 Acura NSX. I was also pleased to see a Metallic foil Blue Aventador, lime green Hurican just to name a few cars. I caught the NSX doing figure… Read More »

Philly StreetRace Team Trailer

Thank you everyone for all of the likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, everything. This weekend we hit two goals that we didn’t expect to hit for another month or so. This week on youtube we hit 400 subscribers and on Facebook we hit 2500+ likes to the page. Thank you everyone for all of the support. To show my… Read More »

Friday Night 9-2-16

Friday night the boys from PA Street Dreams came down to play. So i slapped a few go pros on their cars and caught the action.

4 Thousand Horsepower Highway Shootout

4 Thousand Horsepower highway shootout 950 hp Hellcat Charger 750 hp Hellcat Challenger 600 hp Nissan Skyline r35 500 hp Skat Pack Challenger – White 500 hp Skat Pack Challenger – Black 500 hp 392 300c SRT8 215 hp Volkswagen Passat Wolfburg View From the 300c View From the Hellcat Challenger

Orange Ford Fiesta ST vs Orange and Black Camo GTI

PA Street Dreams Orange and Black Camo GTI vs MP Performance Orange Ford Fiesta ST