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New Years Day Vette vs Chevelle

Orange Vette modded from the RPM parts catalog vs Chelly the Chevelle

Nasty C6 Takes on the UberSpeed 300c

Loud ass C6 Vette takes a run with the UberSpeed 300c.

Shelby Cobra vs UberSpeed 300c

Out the other night and this was going on…

UberSpeed vs State Police

So while heading home after a fun night with the guys…. This happens..


EVO taking on two GTO’s last night on the BLVD

Full Round 1 of the Turkey Shootout

Turkey Shootout Round 1 S10 v FoxBody, Regal v Coyote, Coyote v Grand-Am, Baracuda v Mustang GT, Ranger v Malibu, Chevelle v Grand-National, Talon v Civic, Camaro v C7 Vette & 302 FoxBody Mustang Takes the By Pass for this round. I apologize for any focusing issues and the one or two missed races. I was having trouble… Read More »

Turkey Shootout Blue Coyote vs Grey Grand Am rd 1

Turkey Shootout Blue Coyote vs Grey Grand Am rd 1 race 5 I do not know the racers or the cars specifically if you know them or the mods contact me on the facebook page and i’ll be sure to list them.

Turkey Shootout – Lime Green Plymouth Barracuda vs Silver Ford Mustang GT

Turkey Shootout Round 1 race 4 Plymouth Barracuda vs Mustang GT Not sure of any of the mods for either vehicle. If you know the owners and have a mods list please shoot me a message on the facebook page and i will list them. Thank you!

Coyote Mustang Takes on Buick Regal at the Turkey Shootout!

Turkey Shootout Round 1 Race 3 White Coyote Mustang vs Sky Blue Regal I do not know the drivers or cars. So i don’t have any mod lists for you guys. If you happen to know them please have them contact me on the facebook page and i will list all mods and hp.

Turbo Fox vs Chevy S10

Turbo Foxbody mustang vs Chevy s10 Not sure what either car has done to it really. Will update if i get more information.