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Old Auto Show Footage

Old footage of the philadelphia autoshow when Meeks mills Iron Man banshee, Out in front performance had their LS turbo swapped foxbody in attendance, big Steve with the Malibu Wagon and a glance a many more. Forgive the amateur footage as i did not have the equipment then that i have today.

Hell on the Highway 2017 vol 1

Here it is.. These are the highlights of what i have managed to capture so far this year on the highway. Hope you all enjoy the video!!

February Street Racing 2k17 Last two weeks

This is what’s been going down on the streets during the last two weeks of February 2017 Hope everyone enjoys the video!!

Street racing First Two Weekends of Febuary 2017

This is what i managed to capture during the first two weeks in February of 2017. First weekend i spent in Philly and the Second i was invited to Maryland for some action. Hope you all enjoy the video! Special thanks to everyone participating because you’re a big part in making this channel what it is becoming!

Twin Turbo Mustang VS Flame Spitting Rx7

Was able to capture this great run with the DJI Mavic Pro Also threw in the UberSpeeds Donuts from the same night as well. Hope everyone enjoys the video.

Maryland Street OutLaws Philly Mustang vs Chevelle

Went out to Maryland for some action two weeks ago this was the first race of the night. I do have more to post and i will do so soon. Just been so busy with work and actually filming content that i don’t have as much time as i would like to spend on the editing end of… Read More »

UberSpeed 300c vs The World

UberSpeed 300c taking on quite a few cars in this video! Hope you all enjoy!