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Exploding Nitrous Powered Mustang OCMD 2k17

This is a prime example of why you should shut off the bottle and purge your lines when you are done using your nitrous. This guy was sitting there with the car off for quite some time all while his system was continuously feeding nitrous oxide to his engine. When he attempted to start the car is when… Read More »

Cecil Dragway 5-17-17

Test and Tune night at Cecil Dragway May 17th 2017 Shout out to the UberSpeed, the 8 Second Honda and the Flame Throwing Mustang!

GT-R vs Golf-R – Golf-R vs Audi S3

After a night at the Evil Imports Meet we decided to take it to the streets and let loose!

6 minutes of Burnouts

The title says it all. 6 minutes of tire slaying!

RPM Dyno Day 2k17

RPM Dyno Day 2k17 This is all of the footage i managed to keep from the little bit of footage i was able to capture before i had to rush home for family shit. Also the other half of my footage was corrupted by a power surge while editing last week. Hope you all enjoy what’s left.

Skat Pack vs Camaro

White Skat Pack 392 Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs HHP built 03 Camaro SS

Dodge Demon – 9 second street car!

So this week you haven’t been able to touch your social media without seeing or hearing about the Dodge Demon. Thankfully I have mostly car friends and this by far Trumped (pun intended) all of the political posts from a few months ago. Now without further delay here are some of reasons why we do and don’t want… Read More »